Looking for a hotel to drop into whilst travelling down the North Coast 500?

Whether you are driving, or even cycling the world famous North Coast 500, there’s a high chance that you’ll quickly fall in love with the beautiful bends, meandering country tracks and never-ending back roads which complete the 516 miles of beautiful Scottish coastal scenery.

This jaw-dropping beautiful route kicks-off in the coastal city of Inverness – the Inverness Castle to be exact. From here you make your way through traditional Scottish regions such as the Black Isle,
Caithness, Easter Ross, Sutherland, Easter Ross and Inverness-shire.

North Coast 500 winding road

The North Coast 500 is the perfect chance for you to take on outdoor adventures, visit visitor attractions, explore Scotland’s history and heritage, taste and explore traditional food and drink, attend exciting events and take a glimpse into the country’s vast wildlife and picturesque setting all in one trip. 

When you find yourself travelling through Easter Ross, just North West of Dingwall, you won’t miss Ben Wyvis (which, by the way, means Awesome Mountain). This is one of the many attractions which make the North Coast 500 one of the most unique and beautiful routes to take; as there is nowhere in the world which provides such stunning backdrops. If you are feeling extra adventurous you may want to travel up the Munro, where views at the top are some of the finest in all of Scotland.

Our Ben Wyvis Hotel, along with many other traditionally-Scottish hotels near the North Coast 500, is used as stop offs and places to rest your head whilst travelling the world famous road trip.

Book our hotel today for your North Coast 500 accommodation. 

North Coast 500 scenic view



Why the North Coast 500 should be your next adventure


The North Coast 500 is a unique road trip like no other. Our customers, who drop into our hotel to rest their head whilst travelling the route tell us this first hand. We’ve heard a host of reasons from our visitors on why their current trip and previous days have been so great. But, the common factor which is discussed is the stunning paroramic scenery which is on offer throughout the journey. Maybe we are patriotic, but, we beleive that there is nowhere on earth which has the same stunning views and scenery as it has great accessibility to go and saftey explore for yourself.


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